The Black Beauty

Tomorrow I pick up my new car. It is a Black Lincoln MK Z, with more gizmos and gadgets the one can shake a stick at. It was love at first sight. I’ve named her “The Black Beauty” after the car in “The Green Hornet.” Naturally, if one is not a true Geek, one wouldn’t understand the importance of that car. In my childhood, it along with the Batmobile, served as two automobiles which Invoke wonderful memories of my childhood.

Occasionally, I’ll watch old reruns of “The Green Hornet,” and see Bruce Lee as Kato, long before his untimely death in 1973, and am reminded of a simpler time, when imagination was my most powerful tool. Now knowledge and my thirst for knowledge has replaced it. That’s not to say I’m not still creative, I’m just more practical in it’s application.



Some of you seen this tattoo. In the English language, it means to pause. It is Also a symbol for suicide prevention. I encourage everyone who is dealing with a lot to remember tomorrow is a new day, you all are important and valuable. If you ever get the feeling of self harm, please seek help. Talk to a friend, call the Suicide Prevention line, or go to the hospital.


I know it has been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’d thought I would take a few moments to share with you a few thoughts about love.

I recently divorced my wife of thirty years. We had changed, we weren’t the same people were when we married. Then there was the girl I left behind 30 years ago, who recently came back into my life. Under threat of my now ex wife, she had to leave her husband after telling him about telling him that we had been communicating again.

Somewhere along the way, I met my present girlfriend, who was proven to be everything I’m looking for in a love.

So the Question begs to be asks, what is Love? And what constitutes love between two people.

All I can say is watch this space, it’s going to be an interesting ride.

New Friends

Hi Gang!

I know, I have been slack in my blogging, but please forgive, as I have been super busy between work and just taking care of myself. Part of that self care is listening to some progressive talk radio back and forth on my way to work. One is the HEAD ON RADIO NETWORK out of Beckley, WV with Bob Kincaid, whom I have grown to respect for the two reasons. One, he is a BIG history nerd like I am; And two, he does not like corporations, particularly one who love to blow up the tops of mountains in his home of West Virginia and my home of Kentucky. The second gentleman is Mike Mallory from Georgia. He, like Bob, seems to be an intellectual powerhouse with a vast command of the English language. While I have not talked to Mike, I have talked to Bob at some length. You see on Friday Nights, they have what is called “Fridays on the Front Porch,” where listeners from all over the world go to Skype and “cuss and discuss” things in a free and open forum.

More information on these fine gentlemens’ shows are available there for your listening pleasure!


My First Book

My book
My book

This is the Kindle cover of first venture into the world of writing. The title of my book is, “All our Hands are Stained: One Progressive’s Opinions.” In short, it is a collection of my rants. I started on this book in 2012, but put it on the shelf because I really did not think any one would want to read anything I had to say. Boy, was I ever wrong. I had the courage to say what a lot of folks were thinking. And my first royalty check was a welcome surprise. So much so, it inspired me to write a second book. But the second one involved not just me ranting, but also some research and digging. It is now with my editor and she is putting to polishing touches on it so I do not sound like some hillbilly.

When Our Troops Are Abandoned and Neglected at Home: 6 Stories

The Neo-Cons feel vindicated when Fox News reported that they found WMDs in Iraq. What they forget to mention was that these were from the 1980s provided by Reagan and Bush 41.


The latest New York Times investigation by C.J. Chivers is about more than just the discovery of old chemical weapons in Iraq—it’s about how shabbily we still treat our troops when they return home. We leave our all-volunteer army with inadequate medical care, emotional trauma, and fragile families. Here are six stories on our veterans.

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