New Friends

Hi Gang!

I know, I have been slack in my blogging, but please forgive, as I have been super busy between work and just taking care of myself. Part of that self care is listening to some progressive talk radio back and forth on my way to work. One is the HEAD ON RADIO NETWORK out of Beckley, WV with Bob Kincaid, whom I have grown to respect for the two reasons. One, he is a BIG history nerd like I am; And two, he does not like corporations, particularly one who love to blow up the tops of mountains in his home of West Virginia and my home of Kentucky. The second gentleman is Mike Mallory from Georgia. He, like Bob, seems to be an intellectual powerhouse with a vast command of the English language. While I have not talked to Mike, I have talked to Bob at some length. You see on Friday Nights, they have what is called “Fridays on the Front Porch,” where listeners from all over the world go to Skype and “cuss and discuss” things in a free and open forum.

More information on these fine gentlemens’ shows are available there for your listening pleasure!



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